Los Angeles Lakers

Hi again! I’m sorry for my few posts but I continue in beta version ;). Turn for the West and his classic team tonight. Los Angeles Lakers have 16 NBA championships and 31 West titles. Also the Lakers are the team where Pau Gasol won his 2 NBA titles and the team defeated by the Knicks in his 2 NBA championships :). When we talk about the Lakers everybody remember the “Show-time” era but the fact is that the Lakers have always been a champion team through the decades. Currently there are bad times in the Lakers leading the draft positions and being beaten by the “poor neighbor” in the last seasons. At least the jerseys don’t understand of results. In fact they increase his attractive so enjoy!



New York Knicks

As Knickerbocker I must share in my first posts my New York Knicks collection. Like with women I’ve had more deceptions than joys. Big players and poor results. I guess there are a lot of things to do in New York City. But they are my colors. At least the victories produce more satisfaction without the apparent obligation of win every year.