Tickets – 2016 Spanish King’s Cup


In a first moment I considered unnecessary publish the post after the hard advertising campaign. But due I’ve received some inquires I’m going to clear the current confusion!


As many of you know the tournament moves to A Coruña this year. “La Copa” is maybe the best domestic tournament in Europe. Four straight days of basketball where there can be only one. By chance I live in A Coruña so … obviously I will be there :D. If you want to meet a beautiful city and enjoy of great food this is the perfect opportunity! Not too big and not too small in a privileged natural location and with high cultural activity. You will love it. I guarantee it! Although as in all we’re going to need a bit of luck … with the weather.



The bad news are the tickets are sold out since the 10th of November. In 6 days the 5.000 tournament tickets were sold becoming this year in a sales record. Currently the teams clasified to the tournament are receiving his tickets packs (last places for the tournament undetermined until 24th January). This is the reason because apparently there are tickets available these days! But these tickets are being sold only to the club partners.





Anyway if you aren’t a partner of a team maybe you could have a last chance!!! If any team doesn’t sell out his packs that tickets will be available since the 2th of February. You will find the tickets here:

So stay tuned!!!



Finally I share the ticket zones and prices in November for if it’s helpful: