About Me


AboutMePicHi everybody. Welcome to my blog. My name is David and I’m a basketball collector from Spain. Anyway I’ve decided to write in english so everyone can understand the website. Basketball has always been my passion and this is why I’m doing it since 13 years old. People say me I’m a basketball freak. Obviously: I’m FibaMANIAC 🙂

Now I feel I’ve the obligation to share it. Starting with my collection I will try to show all my content as better as possible. Only please be patient because I always try to do a great work and this takes his time.

Besides I would like to go further helping the community and infecting you my passion for basketball. A great event is enjoyed in 3 different ways: Planning it, living it and remembering it. I want to help you in each of them with my contributions. Also sharing content in the social media. Because FibaManiac is another way to see Twitter. Not good? No tweet. Also occasionally awakening dreams with exclusive opportunities on my eBay profile. And of course sharing more as coach. I want the world to be better because I was here and I’m compromised with this so I guess I’m going to find new ideas during the process.

Finally I expect you find it interesting and maybe I can get your follow on Twitter. My apologies for my bad english but I think the website is understandable for all. 

If you have any question you can contact me via fibamaniac@gmail.com