Inside 2015 Eurobasket

I know that I said “the prices are too high” but as Fiba MANIAC I couldn’t avoid it and I was there finally. It was the first Eurobasket with more than one country in the organization and I wanted to live the experience.

I must recognize the main reason to buy a ticket for the gold medal game was the announce of Michael Jordan was going to visit Lille for receive the FIBA Hall of Fame membership. Finally Michael didn’t go but luckily and after hard matches Spain got the pass to the match. Anyway the balance of the trip is fantastic. I can’t deny that all is funnier in good company but without doubt it’s a kind of trip that I recommend everybody for find himself.

If you meet me then you know I always try to do a great work. And the only way to do a great work is taking time. So I was doing the best selection of pictures and writing the story by weeks. I implore you to put attention to captions in order to follow the story and enjoy completely this post. Anyway I apologize in advance if some pictures seems you boring but remember: If you don’t like it, somebody will like it.