Sergio Rodriguez


And as good spanish I also have to share in the first places my Spain National Team collection. This is the opposite case to the Knicks. In 1999 a generation won the Junior World Championship over the USA team. Since that day I grew up seeing an espectacular team crush the rivals in the summer friendlies and winning titles or reaching the finals almost every year so when the team doesn’t play the final it seems a failure. But the reality is without any doubt very different. A generation that it will go down in history as sample of success and humility.



New York Knicks

As Knickerbocker I must share in my first posts my New York Knicks collection. Like with women I’ve had more deceptions than joys. Big players and poor results. I guess there are a lot of things to do in New York City. But they are my colors. At least the victories produce more satisfaction without the apparent obligation of win every year.