Inside 2014 World Cup

What can I say about this experience? Since the moment than me and a friend knew the World Cup was going to celebrate in Spain we had a clear vision: We had to go to the USA group. Bilbao was assigned for the group of USA basketball later.

I was very nervous the launch date of tickets sale. More remembering my precedents with the Eurobasket 2007. But I will narrate that story in other post. Luckily I got the cheapest tickets so we lived all matches by around 100 euro. A bargain!!! Later Spain would lose in the quarter finals against France. A cruel disappointment but not for the result … only for lose the chance to see a big final between Spain and USA. At least Spain would reach the redemption one year later in Lille.

In order to know the remainder history you only have to follow the captions. There is a lot of dedication here so remember: If you don’t like it, somebody will like it. Now enjoy!