Maccabi Tel Aviv

After the last results in Euroleague … Maccabi Tel Aviv is defeated of the competition. Is the first time in half century that Maccabi doesn’t reach the Top16. But I’m going to give them one reason for laugh remembering better times.

Without opponent in his country (51 league titles and 42 cups) this team is even signaled as guilty to impede the evolution of the national talent. Maccabi is also one of the best teams in Europe with 6 championships and 9 runner-ups. However the Maccabi’s most contribution with basketball history has nothing to do with this. In 1978 Tel Aviv welcomed the first basketball game between NBA and FIBA teams and Maccabi was the first FIBA team to defeat a NBA team in history winning to Washington Bullets (the current NBA champion in that moment). Maccabi also was the first FIBA team in history to defeat a NBA team in his home (2005 vs Toronto Raptors). So as CCCP in the Olympic Games, Maccabi Tel Aviv was responsible for reduce the difference between NBA and FIBA. By this reason I think it’s suitable to quote Nelson Mandela for finish this post: “It always seems impossible until it’s done”