2009 European Triple Crown Panathinaikos Athens Vassilis Spanoulis Jersey


Celebrating the 2009 Euroleague title

We continue with other FIBA legend before retiring: Vassilis Spanoulis (1982). The leader of the Olympiakos and the Greece national team started well his career in Larissa (1999-2001) and Maroussi (2001-2005) but he began to reach the international fame when the Panathinaikos signed him after the gold medal in the Eurobasket 2005. Vassilis completed a very good rookie season in the Euroleague so he tried luck in the NBA in the 2006-2007 season. With few minutes he completed a bad season and returned to PAO the next year. 3 years later Spanoulis took a controversial decision and he signed with the eternal rival: Olympiakos Piraeus. Last year he was very close to sign with FCBarcelona but finally he decided to stay in home. A good example that there are more important things than the money. Now Olympiakos is on the road to Madrid for play the Euroleague Final Four and FCBarcelona is in home.

Supporting Greece at the 2007 Eurobasket bronze medal game. Vassilis behind my back

This jersey commemorates the triple crown gotten months before. Spanoulis contributed to complete the triple crown winning the Greek League, the Greek Cup and the Euroleague. So collectively it was a perfect season but talking about his best performances we should go to the Euroleague Final Fours. In fact Spanoulis is with Toni Kukoc the only player to achieve the Euroleague Final Four MVP three times. Anyway considering the rival maybe his best moment was in the World Championship 2006. In the semifinals Vassilis was the top scorer of Greece with 22 points and helped his national team to defeat the USA team.

Career achievements


Receiving the 2009 Euroleague Final Four MVP

Spanoulis playing on the MSG










Spanoulis and his teammates celebrating the victory over the USA team in 2006

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